Technology behind

Unlike most systems which depend on filters or membranes and often get clogged, our patent pending technology combines physical, biological, and chemical methods to achieve non-potable water reuse quality compiling with health safety standards

The treatment technology comprises of 5 stages:
1. An equalization tank with, fat-oil-grease removal
2. Anaerobic microbial biofilm reactor (AnBR)
3. Aerobic microbial biofilm reactor (ABR)
4. Rapid screen filter (RSF)
5. Ozonation

The treatment system is designed to be modular to ensure convenience in transportation, assembly and retrofitting at sites either underground, in the basement, or on rooftops through a simple change in plumbing.

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Finding the right fit for you?

Reflush 500

Ideal for 1 family up to 6 members


Reflush 2000

Ideal for multiple families up to 25 members


Reflush Customized

Customized solutions for larger buildings and industrial establishments




Case Studies

Water recycled using our systems till date 3,60,000 Litres.

Koramangala Bangalore

When a software engineer approached us with his needs for treated water, we proposed Reflush 500-Chrome model for his daily needs. Today the whole family is using the treated water for flushing, floor and solar panel cleaning requirements.

Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore

To recycle 800 Litres per day of greywater, the homeowner requested for our Reflush Customized -Chrome model at his rooftop. They involved us at the early stages of house construction and requested our help in setting up dual plumbing to ensure maximum usage of treated water, they have been using recycled water for toilet flushing, gardening, and car cleaning.

Banaswadi Bangalore

A family of 4 wanted Reflush 500-Techne model at the compound area at ground level. Today, all their flushing and gardening needs are being fulfilled with recycled water.

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